Chef cures common cold?

A classically trained chef with a passion for helping people has extended his efforts beyond the dinner plate to the graduated cylinder. Born the son of an ambulance attendant, Stephen Case has always had a soft spot for the sick and suffering like his father. It came as no surprise then when his passion for creating recipes led him from the kitchen to a herbal laboratory. And through his research and development in the field of immunology he was able to liberate the full medicinal power of garlic and bottle it for market. The feedback he’s received from consumers and even medical doctors has been nothing short of amazing and now the newly branded COLDSTORM® has taken Canada by storm as the #1 cold, flu, and immune formula in many health food stores across the country.

Conquering your cold

When asked why COLDSTORM® has become so popular so quickly, Stephen Case, head of product development at Strauss Naturals, replies, “This fresh garlic extract is turning the immune system around on a dime, and people notice a difference within hours. The effect is so fast and powerful that we actually guarantee relief in 48 hours or your money back.”

It all starts with a unique full-spectrum extraction method he developed using large quantities of raw garlic. “While some companies produce isolates and dried powders, we believe in the power of whole garlic in a liquid extract with all of its compounds working together. With isolates, you might know exactly what you’re getting, but you don’t know what you’re missing. With COLDSTORM®, you get it all!”

Safe for everyone from ages 2 and up!

He points out that another reason COLDSTORM® is flying off the shelves is the fact that the entire family can take it, including toddlers, kids, adults, seniors, plus pregnant and nursing mothers. “Women who are expecting and new moms who are breastfeeding have long been without traditional or natural solutions to help with cold and flu symptoms,” Case says. “Our Health Canada license includes use by pregnant women and nursing mothers. Another reason is that it’s easier to take because it’s a liquid extract which absorbs quickly at a high rate because it doesn’t require digestion. It’s also ready to take anywhere, anytime without the fear of getting a pill caught in your throat which is especially important for children and the elderly who can easily choke or gag on pills.”

Flexible and convenient

COLDSTORM® can be used in a variety of ways. Take it daily during the fall and winter and during times of seasonal change to avoid colds. Take it at the first sign of a cold or when you are feeling run down to catch it quickly. COLDSTORM® can also be taken daily for immune support.

Once a cold sets in, taking COLDSTORM® can still help with fast relief of a sore throat, coughs and sinus symptoms as well as reduce the duration of your cold dramatically. For sore throats, let the drops trickle down the back of the throat to coat and soothe the affected area. You’ll be surprised how fast the pain goes away.

Making garlic taste great

COLDSTORM® is a guaranteed solution for the whole family. And if you’re worried about the garlic taste, don’t be. As a trained chef, Stephen has experience in masking, pairing and balancing flavours. After over 100 taste trials, COLDSTORM® is delivered in a naturally sweet cherry juice base and finished with peppermint. Nearly everyone is surprised at how good it tastes, including some prominent Toronto chefs. So try COLDSTORM® and answer for yourself – has this chef cured the common cold?

Words of wisdom...

Working in long-term care facilities and a busy medical office I am exposed to an endless supply of bacteria and viruses. Recently, during a week where many of my patients presented with adenovirus symptoms, I developed an intensely painful sore throat with the sniffles and worried that I was going to suffer the usual 10 days of
viral misery. I had a bottle of COLDSTORM on hand and proceeded to gargle and then swallow the pleasant tasting formula. To my total amazement I felt sore throat relief within hours. My other symptoms never progressed and then resolved completely over the next two days. I got lucky and avoided a nasty cold. COLDSTORM is something I never want to run out of.

Jess Goodman M.D.
Developer of the iHeart™
Internal Age Aortic
Stiffness Monitor

Experience the smooth Mediterranean mountain power of oregano oil

Speaking of nailing the taste, Stephen has also applied his craft to oregano oil, which is extremely effective in fighting bacterial, viral, parasitic, and fungal infections. “The problem with oregano oil,” he explains, “is that many formulas are too strong to take, causing consumers to cough, choke, and gag from the intense effect. I’ve fixed that problem with Smooth Oregano™. It is smooth, effectively spiced and pleasantly sweet with glycerin and spearmint. It can be taken straight or even diluted in water, which is something other formulas cannot do. Their oils just sit on top of the water and create the same unpleasant results. You can add a few droppers of Smooth Oregano™ to a bottle of water and enjoy the tasty effects throughout the day.”

The Story behind the formula

“My approach was to start with the purest and smoothest oregano oil available,” Stephen says. “The exact herb we use is known as Origanum onites, and it comes from the Taurus Mountains located near the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. This wild mountain oregano is hand-picked by the local villagers and packed down the mountain with the help of their Anatolian donkeys, some of the only creatures able to navigate this rocky terrain. It is then carefully distilled by one of their own. A man named Abdullah, now in his 50s, who began hand harvesting oregano at the age of 15 and was later encouraged by a friend to begin distilling. He is recognized as one of the most reputable suppliers in the world, providing only the finest oils tested for purity and strength. Abdullah and his family team distill the Origanum onites oregano oil exclusively for Smooth Oregano™ in North America.”

“Knowing your ingredients and your supplier is important,” Stephen continues, “and I am one of the very few who can actually say I’ve been to the steam distillery and worked with them to make this unique essential oil. I’ve shaken their hands and looked into the eyes of the man whose ethics and humble demeanor form the bedrock of our formula. All that’s left is for you to experience the great-tasting Mediterranean mountain power of Smooth Oregano™. You’ll be glad you did.”

Your essential guide to cold & flu prevention

Colds and flus seem to be part of everyday life now that the spread of germs is increasing right alongside intercontinental travel. Incidents are not just more frequent during winter but also during seasonal changes when our bodies are struggling to adapt to higher or lower temperatures. Combine that with diet, stress, and sleep issues and you can see that we need some good strategies to keep healthy. Some of the colds and flus going around lately have been packing quite a punch, filling up hospitals, and challenging senior care homes.

Falling sick doesn’t just cost us lost wages or time spent doing what we enjoy but can set us back in our day-to-day responsibilities causing further stress. Spreading sickness to family and friends costs them too. Not to mention missing out on important events or even visiting those who are immune compromised to whom a bad cold or flu could be deadly. Here are some important ideas that you can incorporate into your lifestyle for better health to all those in your care or contact.

Get that garlic – increase your consumption of raw garlic, which has a clinically proven effect on prevention and duration of colds. Slice it raw and include in your regular diet, and consider using raw garlic herbal preparations regularly during the season.


Save your sore throat – Oregano essential oil works fast to fight sore throats and respiratory infections. Use it throughout the day to keep colds at bay. 


Spare the sugar – eating or drinking too much sugar suppresses immune system cells that attack bacteria. The effects can last a few hours at minimum, leaving you open to attack.


Take in the tea – drinking tea and breathing in the steam simultaneously stimulates hair follicles in your nose to cleanse the trapped germs. Herbal teas will support you without the risk of losing sleep to caffeine.


Cut back on alcohol – while it may get you off to sleep faster, research shows it induces restlessness during the REM stage of sleep. Loss of sleep lowers your immune system.


Get your protein – a diet too low in protein can deplete the immune system, so make sure you have enough protein-rich foods throughout the season. Queue the chicken soup!


Up the ‘anti’ – taking antioxidants such as vitamin c and zinc can cut your risk of getting a cold and even reduce the duration. They are important nutrients for fighting infection.


Eat clean – cut back on junk food, processed foods, and any food that clogs your system. A clean digestive system prevents the re-absorption of waste that occurs with constipation.


Feeling rundown? – Make sure your iron levels aren’t low. Anemia or iron deficiency can result in recurrent infections, always feeling cold, breathlessness, and poor concentration.


Change that furnace filter – the colder it gets outside, the more time we tend to spend inside. That makes it that much more important to have a clean furnace filter to reduce airborne contaminants. Make sure to set a reminder in your calendar to replace it regularly.

Humidify if dry – dried out mucus membranes in your nose and throat can’t effectively defend you from pathogens, so if the air in your house is too dry, consider adding a humidifier to fix the problem.


Essential diffusing – purifying the air with essential oils using a diffuser is a great way to kill airborne pathogens, and depending on the oil, even reduce mental stress.


Sanitize your space – wipe down knobs, pulls, handles, cell phones and surfaces that can harbour germs. Use a little essential oil in isopropyl alcohol and water to make your own disinfecting spray. Bring a little with you for sanitizing your hands after touching surfaces in public spaces.


Aerial warfare – breathe out when you’re passing by other people who are sneezing or coughing to prevent inhaling contaminated air.


Hose the nose – flushing the nasal passage with warm distilled salt water can help prevent colds by removing infectious agents and boosting the body’s natural cleansing functions. Try a neti pot or a nasal irrigator.

Keep calm and get that massage – keeping stress levels low helps you function at your best. Massage boosts circulation and stimulates lymph flow, which helps detox your body.


Betting on sweating – using a sauna, steam room or hot bath boosts sweating, which increases detoxing through your body’s largest organ, the skin. It also increases your core temperature, which helps white blood cells travel faster to fight off foreign invaders. Remember not to overdo it; consider blood pressure conditions and stay well hydrated. Finishing with a cold shower or plunge will further boost the benefits by stimulating your lymphatic system.


Power nap – sleep is one of the best defenses against infection. If you’re not getting enough sleep, it’s time to take a nap. Research shows eight hours of sleep is needed to activate ‘natural killer cells’ into attacking viruses.

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